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  1. The Problem
    1. User Research
  2. The Pitch
  3. The Product
    1. Wireframes
    2. Hi-fi Mockups
    3. Prototype
  4. Print Materials
    1. Investor Deck

The fastest and easiest way to satisfy late night cravings, Fooze is an on-demand food delivery app that allows users to effortlessly order quality midnight munchies with just 1 tap. Fooze offers a nightly changing selection of 3 delicious meals from curated NYC restaurants, delivered in as little as 20 minutes. 

Cofounding Fooze (defunct since December 2015) as the product and design lead on a team of 3, I created, maintained, and updated the product's interface, directed product strategy and user research, and conceptualized the company's visual identity and brand. 

  • Entrepreneur-in-residence at the second cohort of the first international food business accelerator, Food-X (backed by SOSV), representing 1 of 9 companies out of 300 applicants

  • Spearheaded the front-end UI/UX design process, conducting user research and feedback analysis, creating flow-diagrams, wireframes, mockups, and designing the polished visual interface. 

  • Oversaw product development and communication with the technical team, directing feature iteration, researching and sourcing APIs, writing functional specs, and testing and bug reporting.

  • Built the company's brand identity, logo, and voice, generating all creative assets, pitch and investor decks, marketing/sales copy and artwork, social media content, website, and email campaign design.

  • Monitored app engagement metrics, wrote analytics reports, and orchestrated in-app messaging strategy and content accordingly.

  • Headed research on demographic and on-demand mobile trends through user interviews, competitive analysis, and local event participation, identifying key marketing channels and customer segments. 
  • Engineered partnerships and promotional events with WeWork co-working spaces and NYU student organizations, including designing and directing a campus brand ambassador program. Expanded hyper-targeted marketing reach to over 5,000.


Time Out New York | DNA Info | AM New York | Downtown Magazine NY | Spoon University 

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The Problem

Late night munchies. We've all been there, whether from studying, working, or partying a little too late. Tired, stressed, drunk, or all three, we just want simple ordering, speedy service, and food that tastes better than the typical $1 slice. Current late night delivery services bombard us with dozens of similar options, yet lack a standard of quality, and generally take an hour+ to deliver. 

User Research

To validate this problem, we held a digital survey of 500 people who fit our predicted target demographic, and identified various subsets within this broad segment. Analyzing the results yielded a sizable opportunity to improve the late night ordering experience. Conducting a series of user interviews (directly quoted in the image above), we discovered the core problems plaguing both consumers and providers in the food delivery space:

  • Too many options created decision fatigue for an audience who habitually order the same options and are less likely to care about customization.
  • The current checkout system was long and cumbersome.
  • Delivery times are too long, especially for impatient late night users.
  • Restaurants struggled with having couriers available to meet customer demand.
User Research Infographic 1_2x.png

The Pitch

The Pitch Slide 1_2x.png

In building Fooze, we strove to:

  • Challenge stigmas of post-midnight munching and uproot casual perceptions of late night food as unpalatable and unreliable by providing more quality options and better service.
  • Solve widespread problems of late night food delivery by creating a strong, consolidated late night delivery infrastructure that is just as quality-driven as daytime food delivery services
  • Transform the landscape of food consumption by inspiring more restaurants to incorporate late night food into their menu, and uphold midnight munchies as another valuable opportunity to enjoy great cuisine.

The Product

My foremost priorities in designing Fooze's product were to:

  • Develop an short, intuitive onboarding and sign-up process
  • Make ordering as simple as possible. Users should be able to complete an order in 3 taps or less.
  • Reduce information overload by eliminating customization and massive menus and instead featuring 3 pre-set meals nightly, curated for quality and variety.


I began developing the interface with low-fidelity wireframes, designing blueprints for main feature flows and interface patterns.

Hi-Fi Mockups

Next I applied Fooze's brand identity to the interface, fully realizing visual details and copy, and building out key flows.


I used Invision to develop a click-through prototype that emulates the main user flows, transitions, and interactions of using Fooze. 

Click here to view the project `Fooze Prototype for Portfolio`

This prototype brought to you by InVisionApp

Print Materials

I solidified Fooze's brand voice and visual identity through various print and marketing materials.

 Marketing postcard

Marketing postcard

 Business card

Business card

 Customer email receipt

Customer email receipt

Investor Deck

Investor Deck.png

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